Rocket at Innovestor Ignite’s Grow to USA event

Innovestor Ignite invited Rocket to their Grow to USA event in Espoo on February 27th, to coach start-ups planning to enter the US market.

Adam and Veera had the opportunity to hear start-ups pitch their business and US market entry plan in Espoo. Tens of enthusiastic and driven entrepreneurs came to present their ideas and to receive coaching and feedback.

Some of the topics discussed with the start-ups were:

  • Why do you want to go to USA? What exactly do you want to accomplish there?
  • What kind of legal structure are you going to establish?
  • What kind of accounting regulation do you need to comply with?
  • What kind of taxation will you be subjected to?
  • How can you plan your transfer pricing policy?
  • Where can you find legal and accounting support?
  • Which sales channels will you use?
  • What kind of marketing plan you have in place?
  • How are you going to deliver your products/services?
  • Which location(s) should you choose for your business?
  • How to find talent?
  • What kind of compensation is expected?

During the sparring sessions we also had the privilege to learn about numerous interesting and exciting business plans, meet professionals at the top of their field, and discuss about the biggest concerns and challenges start-ups face when planning to enter the US market.

Thank you Innovestor Ignite for having us!