Client stories09.10.2023

Kwizie is building a video learning tool with Rocket as their back-office partner

"Choosing Rocket Office has been one of the best decisions we've made at Kwizie" - Chris Petrie, CEO and co-founder, Kwizie

What is Kwizie?

Kwizie is building the best next-generation video learning tool for educators, learners, and content creators. Story started when the Founders realized that active learning from video content is still a very manual, slow and difficult process, both for educators and learners. With the help of Kwizie AI co-pilot, it is possible to transform passive video consumption into multiplayer quiz games!

Rocket as a Kwizie’s back office partner

Rocket has been the back-office partner to Kwizie from the very start of their journey.

Choosing Rocket Office has been one of the best decisions we’ve made at Kwizie. From the very start, they have been nothing but supportive, accommodating a wide range of needs as we transitioned to a fully functioning business.” says Chris Petrie, CEO and co-founder at Kwizie.

In addition to accounting and payroll services, Rocket has been supporting Kwizie with cash flow forecasting, setting up a budget and Business Finland reporting.

“Rocket support is not just professional but also incredibly punctual, ensuring we never feel lost in our finances. We feel secure and well-managed with Rocket Office, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of service and dedication we’ve received.”

We are happy for this wonderful feedback and excited to see how this journey continues!

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