We are Rocket Office.

Born to support growth.

We understand that time is the most valuable asset of an entrepreneur – we are the back-office partner who proactively offers solutions to problems you shouldn’t spend your time on.

Customer Care

Rocket was founded by people faced with a lack of proper customer care in financial services for start-ups. We take care of our clients’ finance function like we were an in-house team. By working closely together with our clients we can provide a proactive approach to the financial management of the company.

With our wide network of experts we can ensure that all the required know-how is available for the clients.

Team Effort

We do our work in teams. Together we are stronger, smarter and faster, and have more fun. This way the quality and continuity of our work is secured, and amount of pressure on the team is reduced.

Team Rocket integrates as a part of the client’s team, so that all barriers for open communication and sharing of information are removed, and a firm level of trust is created.


Our Values


We value each question, query and assignment we receive from clients, and aim to fulfill them quickly and efficiently. We value and support each other and openly welcome all questions and ideas, be they tiny or huge.


We work together within team Rocket and with team Client, merging those two into a seamless unit. We are always happy to help, coach and give advice.


Creating an exceptional experience both for our clients and our team is close to our heart. We are focused on providing outstanding client service and professional advice, on which to build a steady platform for growth.


Providing reliable information and timely service is a top priority for us. We decode your financials to make business decisions easier for you.


At Rocket, people come first, second and third. We nurture an open atmosphere and a culture of support, feedback and laughter.

Most important asset we look for in prospective employees is a positive
can-do attitude – everything else we can teach.

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